My 3 Anime to watch in 2021

It’s a new year with a new winter season, even though it technically started last month. 2021 is filled with anime that was suppose to make its debut in 2020. Because of the pandemic, a lot of shows got pushed back to 2021 or pushed a few months forward in the schedule. Not a good deal of anime this year that stands out to me and there are three that I’m excited about for various reasons. The shounen fan in me loves these three anime, so let’s get started.

#3 Black Clover (ongoing)

Since its Debut in 2017, It’s become a favorite for a lot of anime and manga readers. I started reading the manga right after watching the first episode back in 2017. Even though the series started out slow, it has become a great anime with good storytelling and fun characters. I’m really excited about is that the series has reached The Spade Kingdom Arc. It is a pivotal arc in the anime and has been a fun read in the manga. In the new Arc, the showdown between the Magic Knights and the black bulls go against the Devils in the Spade Kingdom. I’m excited about this cause this is where the real growth of some major characters gets shown. We also get to learn some info About Yuno’s Past and get to know about Asta’s Demon a bit more. So many good fights in the upcoming Arc and can’t wait to see them animated.

#2 The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement

Another anime I’m excited about is Seven deadly sins’s 4th and final season. I know that Studio Deen really botched the 3rd season, but I’m hoping they fixed the animation flaws in the Blu-ray release. They been given another chance and I feel this season’s animation should be better than the 3rd season’s. I haven’t read the manga, but I did get spoiled a few times scouring the net. I’ve enjoyed this anime since day one. It was one that I started watching cause I didnt have nothing to watch and wanted to watch something new. The 4th and final season settles dispute between of some the main characters and we get to see meliodas’s and Elizabeth’s fate since the end of Season 3. Really excited to see how this ends with tons of awesome fights going to happen in Season 4.

#1 Shaman King (2021)

This one I have been waiting for since it’s ending on Fox’s Kids Years ago. I never watched this subbed, I was raised with the English dub which was pretty good, but edited for kids with some minor changes to the animation. What’s got me excited about this series is that it will finally get its manga ending. They left the first series on a big cliffhanger since the manga was not completed, just like lots of anime back in the day. I’m hoping to see this with updated animation and the original voice actors have assembled to bring back the nostalgia of the sub when I watched it after watching the dub. It Debut’s in April 2021 and I’m sure it’s going to have 50+ episodes.

2021 is going to be a wild year for anime and I think we are going to get spoiled with more more anime yet to be announced. I also thing Rising Of the Shield Hero is getting another season in 2021, so that is another I should add to my list for 2021. So that are my top 3 anime that I’m looking foward to in 2021.

So what anime are you looking forward to in 2021?

As always stay safe and healthy.

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