Funimation And CrunchyRoll Library Merging

Funimation, Wakanim and Crunchyroll VRV Catalog is finally merging, What this means is that all of Funimation’s Catalog will merge onto crunchyroll’s site and funimation. This means that crunchyroll will be one of the biggest anime libraries on the internet and no more paying for 2 subscriptions. I’ve had both subscriptions before and my favorite has always been funimation. I slowly been getting on the crunchyroll wagon cause of some of the shows they have acquired to stream over the years. This merger has been slowly happening over the last year or so with Funimation’s acquisition of crunchyroll.

I’m personally excited for this and have been waiting for this merger to happen, as I said I’m slowly getting on the cruchyroll wagon because of their expanding aquisition of shows that are streaming like digimon ghost game and other franchises that have caught my attention(which are mostly isekai genre). Funimation has been around for a long time and without them I think Anime viewing and acquisitions would be in a different place right now. For me it all started with seeing them acquire dragonballz and yu yu hakusho. Those are the two franchises that got me into being a funimation fan. With crunchyroll I remember seeing their site when I was looking for better quality episodes of Naruto and always had them bookmarked on my browser and watched them grow into what they are today, Honestly I would have thought Funimation would absorb crunchyroll and its library, not the other way around.

With funimation slowly making the transition onto crunchyroll,According to their FAQ, “In fact, if you’re a Funimation paying subscriber and you started your subscription before 2/28/22, we’ll be offering you a 60-day Free Trial of Crunchyroll Premium. This offer is available to new Crunchyroll subscribers only, so if you already have a paid Crunchyroll subscription, you won’t be eligible. Qualified users will receive an email by March 8, 2022 with their own unique link to redeem this offer.” So look out for that email.

So what do you think about the merger? you can let us know on our poll.

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