A Small Look | Promare

Promare is an anime that holds some beautiful animation and character designs. I saw this anime movie on a whim, just like I do with some other anime series that catch my curiosity. When I viewed the trailer back in 2019, I compared it to kill la kill and since I wasn’t a particular fan of the story I crossed it off my list. Then Earlier this week I decided to break a watch and it was so good.

Promare overview

Promare starts off with people going through what later is explained as human combustion, but in actuality  a new species of human are born which are eventually called burnish. The Burnish are considered outcasts of society. Thirty years after the event, a firefighting group is formed called Burning Resue. The group consist of the rookie Galo Thymos  and other members of the group which are Aina Ardebit, Remi Puguna, Varys Truss, Lucia Fex, and leader of burning rescue Ignis Ex.

While on a rescue mission thinking its from a mad burnish, Galo and the rescue crew find out that they are fighting a fire started by the Leaser of the Burnish which Galo soon finds out is Lio Fotia. They fight and eventually Lio is captured and taken into custody by this other group called the freezing force. Without giving much of the story away the truth about the burnish is revealed and why the leader is hell bent on destroying the city and why Lio has a hatred for humans.

Promare Final Thoughts

This anime movie has to be one of the best of 2019. If you’re a fan of Gurren Lagan and kill la kill you will love this movie. It has action from beginning to start and the story goes at a nice pace even though it is a short movie running at an hour and thirty minutes. It was a good anime movie to watch on a whim and is worth the price and watch.


A Small Look | Baki Part 3 [ The Great Raitai Tournament Saga]

Part 3 of Baki came out in June and I finally got time to sit down to watch it. In this arc, Baki is still poisoned from Yanagi in the previous arc and is granted special entry into the Great Raitai Tournament, which is held every 100 years. The only way for baki to survive from eh poison is to fight in the tournament.

This season goes next level with its martial arts fighting and we finally get to see an Ali Jr fight and take on some competitors. We also get to see biscuit Olivia(Oliver in the second season) come back to fight in the tournament with a Kid-like Dorian fighting as well. What made this arc so special were two things, Ali jr going to japan to test his strength against Baki’s old rivals and yajiro hanma fighting old man Kaku. Yajiro vs Kaku was a fight that went to prove who is the strongest on earth.

This arc ultimately was a good arc to watch and I think it’s going to get crazier with the events that happened in the final episode, which is an epilogue for the next season which may be titled Revenge Tokyo. So Go watch this show on Netflix, it hasn’t disappointed me yet and hope if you watch it you will like it as much as I did.

A Small Look | Isekai Cheat Magician

This anime is about two high school students Taichi and Kanade who get summoned into another world filled with magic and magical creatures. When they enter this world they discover that they have magical powers and are known as magicians, A woman named Lemia discovers them and tells and mentors them to teach them how to use their powers and use there magic.

This anime to me is an average anime, it reminds me of wiseman grandchild if we are going with the comparison. For a few years, we were getting these manga anime adaptations that have to do with getting sucked into magical worlds and being overpowered character. Many of these types of anime are average and have poor character development or just have a poor story and great characters. The only anime that I have enjoyed in this type of anime is I got reincarnated as a slime, its one of those anime that has a great story, characters and fleshes out the world pretty well.

Did you watch Isekai Cheat magician? What did you think? Do you like these types of stories in anime? 

A Small Look | Fire Force Season 1

With Funimation announcing Season 2 in the summer of 2020, let’s take a  look at Season 1 of Fire force. Fire Force season 1 is comprised of 24 episodes, I recently finished watching this series today in English dub form. I liked both the sub and dub equally, but for me, I prefer to watch dub when if I’m able too.

I came into this series like I usually do not knowing what it was about and who created it. The creator of this manga turned into an anime is Atsushi Ōkubo, who is also the creator of the Soul Eater manga. The manga started in 2016 and has stated that it would end in 30 volumes, but I highly doubt that and I think will stretch out a little more than 30 volumes. Ok now to get back on track, I ran into this series with no expectation, but to kill some boredom one weekend. After about 4 episodes I was instantly hooked, it was something about the story and the animation. The story revolves around Shinra and him finding out what happened to his brother and killed his mother during a fire that was started 12 years prior to the series when he was a child. In the fire force world there exist these creatures that are called infernal’s which are the product of human combustion. Shinra later learns of a shady organization and the link with his brother. I don’t want to spoil it so I’ll leave it at that.

I think the animation is one of the cleanest I’ve seen in a while. I’m a story and character development guy, so when I see a show with some good character development and story I’m automatically glued. This series has enough character development and story to give you a feel for the world they live in. I wish the world was more fleshed out than it was in season 1 and that we would learn more about ‘The Great Disaster”.

If I had to score out this series I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Even though I love the story and character development, I feel like its missing something. The best thing about this series was to learn about the connection between sho and his brother and loved their interaction once they met, I think that brought the series full circle. I also love the characters and how different each one is and the mystery between Licht and joker. I can’t wait to see who’s side they are really on. I know I can probably find out what happens in season 2 of the series by reading the manga, but I will wait the 6 months till summer to see just as long as the series doesn’t deviate from the manga and we get another Soul Eater situation.

So that’s my thoughts on season 1 and I can’t wait till Season 2. What are your thoughts on series?