My 3 Anime to watch in 2021

It’s a new year with a new winter season, even though it technically started last month. 2021 is filled with anime that was suppose to make its debut in 2020. Because of the pandemic, a lot of shows got pushed back to 2021 or pushed a few months forward in the schedule. Not a good deal of anime this year that stands out to me and there are three that I’m excited about for various reasons. The shounen fan in me loves these three anime, so let’s get started.

#3 Black Clover (ongoing)

Since its Debut in 2017, It’s become a favorite for a lot of anime and manga readers. I started reading the manga right after watching the first episode back in 2017. Even though the series started out slow, it has become a great anime with good storytelling and fun characters. I’m really excited about is that the series has reached The Spade Kingdom Arc. It is a pivotal arc in the anime and has been a fun read in the manga. In the new Arc, the showdown between the Magic Knights and the black bulls go against the Devils in the Spade Kingdom. I’m excited about this cause this is where the real growth of some major characters gets shown. We also get to learn some info About Yuno’s Past and get to know about Asta’s Demon a bit more. So many good fights in the upcoming Arc and can’t wait to see them animated.

#2 The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement

Another anime I’m excited about is Seven deadly sins’s 4th and final season. I know that Studio Deen really botched the 3rd season, but I’m hoping they fixed the animation flaws in the Blu-ray release. They been given another chance and I feel this season’s animation should be better than the 3rd season’s. I haven’t read the manga, but I did get spoiled a few times scouring the net. I’ve enjoyed this anime since day one. It was one that I started watching cause I didnt have nothing to watch and wanted to watch something new. The 4th and final season settles dispute between of some the main characters and we get to see meliodas’s and Elizabeth’s fate since the end of Season 3. Really excited to see how this ends with tons of awesome fights going to happen in Season 4.

#1 Shaman King (2021)

This one I have been waiting for since it’s ending on Fox’s Kids Years ago. I never watched this subbed, I was raised with the English dub which was pretty good, but edited for kids with some minor changes to the animation. What’s got me excited about this series is that it will finally get its manga ending. They left the first series on a big cliffhanger since the manga was not completed, just like lots of anime back in the day. I’m hoping to see this with updated animation and the original voice actors have assembled to bring back the nostalgia of the sub when I watched it after watching the dub. It Debut’s in April 2021 and I’m sure it’s going to have 50+ episodes.

2021 is going to be a wild year for anime and I think we are going to get spoiled with more more anime yet to be announced. I also thing Rising Of the Shield Hero is getting another season in 2021, so that is another I should add to my list for 2021. So that are my top 3 anime that I’m looking foward to in 2021.

So what anime are you looking forward to in 2021?

As always stay safe and healthy.

Anime in 2020

This year has been a tough year for everyone because of Covid, everything has been effected from peoples lives to the everyday life of businesses. The Anime industry also had to deal with a lot of delays due to Covid pandemic. Tons of anime have been pushed to 2021 or later. I want to take a look at the anime in 2020 that I enjoyed and why this year was still a good year for anime.

2020 began with some ongoing series to be put on hold because of the pandemic, but that meant some studios were releaseing what they had so far in finished production, even though most of the new series were halted for a few weeks. One anime that I didn’t consider watching, but just decided to watch was Plunderer. Plunderer is an anime thats set “In a post-apocalyptic world dominated by the so-called “Numbers,” each human will have their identity branded with their own “Count,”.” The anime starts off with one of the Main cast Hina who is given a ballet and asked to find the Legendary Ace. It’s a slow series in the begining, but once episode 7 or 8 hits, it gets real good real fast.

Their have been some ongoing anime like Black Clover and Boruto which I watch every week. Black Clover has quickly become one of my favorite ongoing anime just for its overall story and fight scene which in my opinion are well made. Boruto on the other hand has been giving us some anime canon content in the later half of 2020, we will soon be heading into manga canon arcs in 2021 and hopefully seeing some great arcs.

Crunchyroll in 2020 gave us anime from webtoons(which are korean manga). In 2020 my favorites have to be Tower Of God and God Of Highschool. Both are 12 and 13 eps respectively and even though they somewhat condesned version of the Manwha(korean manga) they both are really good. Animation, storytelling and characters are well done.

There are literally other anime that I’ve watched in 2020 that have been good but if I keep going I think this may turn up being a 4,000 word post. Iskeai Anime genre has been prevelent in 2020 and I have have watched mostly all of them. Isekai anime is pretty much been my go to genre, even though I’m a Shounen genre guy.

So, What have been your favorite 2020 Anime? Are you excited for the 2021 season and what shows do you expect to be real good for the 2021 season

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A Small Look | The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?

Another Isekai anime and I’ve been drawn to them lately I think shield hero and That time I got reincarnated as a slime got me into this genre. The story starts out introducing you to a Salaryman named Shingo Ichinomiya who is reborn as a 6 year old boy, into a another world filled with magical a complicated social class system and lots of politics. He is reborn as Wendelin von Benno Baumeister and is the 8th son of a family of poor nobles. He eventually finds out that he has a natural ability for magic. Brantack Lyngstad who is wandering the forest senses this and take on Wendlin as his student and teaches him to control is magic before he is turned into of one of the whispering dead. Wendlin is later forced to use holy magic to kill him. A few years later he leaves his village and family to the Adventurer’s Academy to become an adventurer. There he gets into the politics of the country and starts his journey as an adventurer.

This anime is another one of those that I just started watching out on a whim. I thought this anime Wiseman’s Grandchild which has a similar story and tone to the series. The overall story isn’t that bad and the characters are likeable. I just wish it had better character development, the only real character development was Wendlin and maybe his brother Kurt who is important to the series later on. When I look at this series as a whole, it’s one of those series that you watch when there is nothing more on to watch. It’s a 12 episode series and can be watched in at least a 3 hour binge session. I hope there is a season 2 to maybe expand on the world and characters, since those are the things I think this series lacked. I did like the anime opening, though, It has that Attack on titan-esque type of music to it, which I like. I give this series, maybe a 3 out of 5 and its a enjoyable watch.

What do you think of this anime?

A Small Look | Promare

Promare is an anime that holds some beautiful animation and character designs. I saw this anime movie on a whim, just like I do with some other anime series that catch my curiosity. When I viewed the trailer back in 2019, I compared it to kill la kill and since I wasn’t a particular fan of the story I crossed it off my list. Then Earlier this week I decided to break a watch and it was so good.

Promare overview

Promare starts off with people going through what later is explained as human combustion, but in actuality  a new species of human are born which are eventually called burnish. The Burnish are considered outcasts of society. Thirty years after the event, a firefighting group is formed called Burning Resue. The group consist of the rookie Galo Thymos  and other members of the group which are Aina Ardebit, Remi Puguna, Varys Truss, Lucia Fex, and leader of burning rescue Ignis Ex.

While on a rescue mission thinking its from a mad burnish, Galo and the rescue crew find out that they are fighting a fire started by the Leaser of the Burnish which Galo soon finds out is Lio Fotia. They fight and eventually Lio is captured and taken into custody by this other group called the freezing force. Without giving much of the story away the truth about the burnish is revealed and why the leader is hell bent on destroying the city and why Lio has a hatred for humans.

Promare Final Thoughts

This anime movie has to be one of the best of 2019. If you’re a fan of Gurren Lagan and kill la kill you will love this movie. It has action from beginning to start and the story goes at a nice pace even though it is a short movie running at an hour and thirty minutes. It was a good anime movie to watch on a whim and is worth the price and watch.