A Small Look | Promare

Promare is an anime that holds some beautiful animation and character designs. I saw this anime movie on a whim, just like I do with some other anime series that catch my curiosity. When I viewed the trailer back in 2019, I compared it to kill la kill and since I wasn’t a particular fan of the story I crossed it off my list. Then Earlier this week I decided to break a watch and it was so good.

Promare overview

Promare starts off with people going through what later is explained as human combustion, but in actuality  a new species of human are born which are eventually called burnish. The Burnish are considered outcasts of society. Thirty years after the event, a firefighting group is formed called Burning Resue. The group consist of the rookie Galo Thymos  and other members of the group which are Aina Ardebit, Remi Puguna, Varys Truss, Lucia Fex, and leader of burning rescue Ignis Ex.

While on a rescue mission thinking its from a mad burnish, Galo and the rescue crew find out that they are fighting a fire started by the Leaser of the Burnish which Galo soon finds out is Lio Fotia. They fight and eventually Lio is captured and taken into custody by this other group called the freezing force. Without giving much of the story away the truth about the burnish is revealed and why the leader is hell bent on destroying the city and why Lio has a hatred for humans.

Promare Final Thoughts

This anime movie has to be one of the best of 2019. If you’re a fan of Gurren Lagan and kill la kill you will love this movie. It has action from beginning to start and the story goes at a nice pace even though it is a short movie running at an hour and thirty minutes. It was a good anime movie to watch on a whim and is worth the price and watch.